For my final costume designs i scored a fantastic deal on two boutique mannequins for 90 dollars ! They also made fantastic companions on the train, very cheap on travel ūüėČ




The CAVE is a multi-person, room-sized, high-resolution, 3D video and audio environment. Graphics are rear projected in stereo onto three walls and the floor, and viewed with stereo glasses.As a viewer wearing a location sensor moves within its display boundaries, the correct perspective and stereo projections of the environment are updated, and the image moves with and surrounds the viewer. The other viewers in the CAVE are like passengers in a bus, along for the ride!¬†“CAVE,” the name selected for the virtual reality theater, is both a recursive acronym (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and a reference to “The Simile of the Cave” found in Platos “Republic,” in which the philosopher explores the ideas of perception, reality, and illusion. Plato used the analogy of a person facing the back of a cave alive with shadows that are his/her only basis for ideas of what real objects are. ¬†


David Bowie Is

I was absolutely blown away by Bowie’s exhibition and i was very surprised at the array of work ! I had no idea Bowie was a painter among so many other things. The way it curated was amazing!

I instantly was drawn to his costume design and couldn’t believe how many costumes he had produced. Walking into the exhibition was like a key to Bowie’s imagination it was so memorable.


Shaun TAN They made their own houses 1997  illustration for The Rabbits by John Marsden, published by Thomas C. Lothian, Melbourne, 1998, pp. [9-10] synthetic polymer paint, gouache and coloured pencil 34.8 x 52.3 cm (image) 39.7 x 56.2 cm (sheet) National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Gift of Albert Ullin OAM, 2014

Shaun TAN
They made their own houses 1997
illustration for The Rabbits by John Marsden, published by Thomas C. Lothian, Melbourne, 1998, pp. [9-10]
synthetic polymer paint, gouache and coloured pencil
34.8 x 52.3 cm (image) 39.7 x 56.2 cm (sheet)
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Gift of Albert Ullin OAM, 2014

The NGV is now showing a very exuberant exhibition on children’s book illustrators such Allison Lester, Shaun Tan,Leigh Hobbs , Frank Moffatt and other exciting illustrators.

I was particularly inspired by and interested to see Shaun Tan’s ‘They made their own houses’ Which is his most glorified work because of his depiction of the white invasion on the indigenous Australian’s.

Other illustrations there sparked many memories of books that had been turned into television series such as Leigh Hobb’s ‘Old Tom.’

Tim Johnson- Tolarno Gallery


Observing Tim Johnson’s exhibition ‘OPEN SPACES’ i found myself immersing into various worlds in which Johnson had captured on each canvas with contrasting spiritual iconography of¬†Aboriginal Australia, the Buddhist East and Native American’s.

His paintings are landscapes of desire, images of impossible unity, imagined syntheses of cultural and visual systems that freely draw upon images whose meaning we do not necessarily recognise or understand.”

Linda Michael, 2001


Catherine Woo – Arc One

Headed along flinders lane a couple of weeks back to suss out Arc One gallery for the first time . Walking into the space our eyes were blessed by delicious unique textures and array of color by artist Catherine Woo. 

The exhibition was titled ‘INCENDIE’ and displayed a variety of Woo’s works that looked at various textures that form from heat in nature.

Her work was mesmerising as her array of texture was so bold and interesting to follow with the eye. Every inch of the surface offered various shape and form. When standing back to observe the works as a whole it was as though you were looking at the surface from a birds eye view which offered such a exciting dynamic to the work .



Heat (detail)











Ryan Trecartin – Re‚ÄôSearch Wait’S

The-ReSearch-Research-Waits-05This was the most unusual and exciting exhibition i have attended so far!

Never have i ever hoped into a bed in a gallery or sat myself down in a lounge that hit so close to home…literally home.

The video installations were erratic and uneasy, however , the surroundings were so utterly comfortable that the intensity of the video installations were easier to handle . Every time i cringed i was cushioned and felt complete reassurance which also triggered a familiar feeling of being in a dreamlike state the familiar action of having such a elaborate nightmarish dream and awoken in shock but reassured by the soft and smooth surroundings of my beloved bed.

The message Trecartin was conveying was loud and highly relatable. Each character played a part that displayed the disastrous archetypes of society such as consumerists and pretentious beings that are rather self focused and are so consumed with creating a identity of high standard.

I throughly enjoyed each element of this exhibition !

I STRONGLY recommend you pay it a visit ! and its free entry ūüôā

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The Fantastic Angus Wishart

Casting back a bit i attended to my good arty-as-hell friend’s exhibition Angus Wishart. I have known Mr.Wishart from a very young age and whilst growing up with him i have fallen in love with his astounding artistic abilities along with many others!

While others including myself were stressing about university applications Angus was following his heart and plotting a fantastic solo adventure across Europe. Over the duration of his travels which ended up to our surprise (also to Angus’s surprise) a year, he took a fantastic and breathe taking array of photographs and when he FINALLY returned from his travels held a exhibition in a emerging cafe’ in the small town of Wonthaggi and wowed the town with his fantastic and magical adventures . His exhibition came to a wrap up with a fantastic night of a not-so-silent auction where all family and friends gathered around to bid on Gus’s astounding work ! not only was there visual stimulation but there was also a feast for our ears with the very talented musician and singer Hannah Mckittrick ! Angus had a very successful evening with the amount of works sold with fantastic feedback from all . Very proud of my amazing and talented friend !